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October 24, 2020, 07:26:15 PM by MarlinS
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*- All deadlines, unless otherwise noted, are on the date posted at 11:59 PM EST.  All dates subject to change.  Any dates concerning the roster deadline, option waivers, and start of sim season are a moving target as always.  Those dates "could" be moved up or down, but GMs will always be given plenty of notice if we move up.

November 9th- 2021 Rosters officially released.  48 hour review of rosters just in case there are any issues.

November 11th- Offseason officially open for business.  Trading now allowed.  Teams can post Arby/Option decisions.

November 13th- Draft Lottery

November 16th - Winter Meetings Start.  Topics can be PM'ed to Mark or Marlin.

November 30th- Add polls to WM topics.  If ongoing WM topics are still being discussed, polls will be delayed.  All polls will be a minimum of 2 weeks long.  Ties in any poll means the current rule(s) will stand, where applicable.

?- Winter Meetings Closed (before holiday break ends, but as long as needed).

Holiday Break

January 4th- Any new rule changes announced for 2021.  LTC requests allowed.  An LTC request thread will be posted.

January 8th- Deadline for protecting Rule V players.  Transactions temporarily frozen until after Rule V Draft. If a player is waived within 48 hours of this date, they will be simulataneously put on waivers, and eligible for the draft.  If drafted, the waiver claim will be voided.  If not drafted, they're eligible to be claimed.  48 hour claim period still exists, as always.

January 11th
- Rule V Draft Begins (2020 is still the year used though, for protection purposes).

January 18th- There will be no official picks due, in observance of MLK Day.

?- Rule V Draft Ends (once all eligible picks have been used, or everyone has passed).  Trading allowed again.

February 1st- Deadline for LTC requests, and for Arby/Option decisions.

Feb 15th
- LTC Numbers released

Feb 26th- Deadline for Qualifying Offers.  Deadline for FA nominations for 2021 FA period.

March 1st- FA Begins

March 15th- Teams may begin posting their active rosters, by sending guys down in pending transactions forum.

?- Prime FA period will be declared over when there are two consecutive days with zero bids.

?- GMs may sign any remaining FAs on first come, first serve basis beginning @ 7 PM EST.  All players signed to 1yr, 750K, N deals.  Zero options.  MLCs may be signed at this point as well.  Limit 3 per team.  If you don't specify a MLC, it will be considered a major league contract, and players will be automatically placed on active roster.  MLCs will be placed on your non active 40 man roster, but all signings count towards the cap.  Once a MLC contract is called up to active roster, they must be waived back down to 40 man.

April 5th- Deadline to accept LTCs

All dates below this line could move up or down, but any date that moves up will be posted with plenty of notice.

?- Spreadsheet officially released (probably late April/early May).

April 19th- Deadline for setting your active (26 man) rosters (11:59 PM EST).

April 22nd- After the deadline passes, option waivers for all players without options not on active roster, but on 40 man, will be run.  Anyone signed to MLCs, are excluded.

April 26th- Option waivers posted and processed before first sim.  Any team making a successful claim will be allowed to make roster moves ONLY to get back under active (26), reserve (40), and/or max (105) roster limits.  Any player(s) waived at this point will NOT be processed until after the week 1 sim.  Any trades made at this point will NOT be processed until AFTER Week 1.

May 3rd- If you made a successful claim on option waivers, and went over your roster limit(s), you MUST make corresponding moves by this point.  Only moves to get you to a legal roster will be allowed at this point.  While we won't freeze rosters from posting transactions, no transactions will be processed at this point until after Week 1.

May 8th- Deadline for turning in MPs/DCs.   All teams are required to turn in a DC/MP for week 1.  If you donít turn one in, an automatic MP will be created, and you will waive your right to a re-sim.

May 9th or 10th- First sim.  We will run sims twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays until we're caught up to the actual dates in the schedule.

May 12th- Deadline for week 2 sim MP/DC is 11:59 PM EST.

May 14th- 2nd sim.  We'll be running sims twice a week until we're caught up.  Then, we'll sim once a week.  Mark has chosen Monday and Wednesdays, but that's subject to change.

July 12th- Beginning of our 10 round Amateur Draft.

If you have any questions or concerns please let us know.
October 20, 2020, 09:22:16 PM by MarkA
Views: 328 | Comments: 51

Oakland @ Washington

Washington having the best record, will have the HFA. 

Same format as the LCS, HHTAAATHH

First game in sim will be 10/19, giving Washington 1 off day.

Give me your 25 man rosters, and starters, etc, and send in any MPs/DCs you need.
October 15, 2020, 03:23:00 PM by DarylH
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Well I knew there wouldnt be too many but these are the only 2 I find that qualify adding to this years FA pool. Please let me know if I missed anyone and post here. We could also have international guys to add here as well.

Dylan Moore - OF
Tim Lopes - OF
Brooks Raley - LRP

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