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Guys- Please Read This (Proper Transaction and Waivers Procedures)


We have had a number of posts recently in the transactions forum that include every transaction you want to make.

Guys, we have a waivers forum specifically for waivers.

Anyone subject to waivers, must be posted separately in the waivers forum.

Any new waivers not posted at the exact same time, MUST be posted in a new thread, not added or edited to an existing thread.

If you want to move a guy from the 25 man to the 40 man, but he has zero options left, he must be placed on waivers.  If you have someone you want removed from the 40 man, or released from the roster altogether, he must be placed on waivers.

At this time of year, those are the only types of waivers you should be concerned with, as we prepare for the start of our season in the near future, and everyone is getting their rosters in order.


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