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Vacant Team Procedures
« on: April 01, 2019, 01:15:19 PM »
Gentlemen, we currently have an interim GM with the Red Sox, and MikeE has said he's looking for an assistant GM to potentially turn his team over at the end of the year.  Today, JasonB decided to leave.  We are working hard to fill these spots with qualified, active GMs.

But we've had a number of discussions about should a situation arise if a GM leaves in the future, and we're unable to fill a spot as quickly as we'd like.

Coming up we're about to begin our season soon.  This is an easy call.  If a team is vacant, we'll allow the computer (DMB) to generate all the lineups and rotations.  The fact of the matter is the computer will actually maximize a roster better than some GMs.  In fact, GMs who lack experience may even want to test that theory.

In June, we'll have the amateur draft.  If a team is vacant during the draft, the EC will award the team the highest non drafted player in the current amateur draft.  This will not include minor leaguers or IFAs, but this is the fairest way possible we came up with.

Our hope and desire is that all teams are filled all the time, so we don't have these potential issues, but should they, those are the two most important upcoming dates I wanted to address.

At some point in the future, we'll also discuss how to handle offseason activities if a team were vacant, but that's all for now.

I will be posting a thread shortly for team openings, so please reach out to your friends that you might think would be interested.
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